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Ok, because the internet never sleeps and doesn’t take weekends off, all of our below services are offered daily for the entire month. Other SEO groups will just work during the workweek, but we know that this is a mistake. Google doesn’t take a day off and neither do we! Also, we don’t farm this off to India or China to do the work. We do this right in the good ol’ USA! If India is doing it, then they are most likely doing it overnight for us in the USA, but who needs visitors when everyone in the US is sleeping!!! Makes no sense! We will have all of our services work within YOUR actual TIME ZONE, when you have the same day potential to get phone calls and get to leads IMMEDIATELY! This immediacy is what sets us apart from the rest of the NEW SEO people. We’ve had years of experience doing this and we have some really unique methods of getting the job done. So our prices remain extremely competitive. For what we are offering, other companies would charge thousands! READ ON!

Improve SEO Ranking, Build Social Trust which
all ultimately leads to more Sales!

Twitter and Facebook are one of the “IT” websites right now and for quite a while as far as we can see. There is nothing else on the horizon that will replace either of these sites. Both of these sites are the so-called 500 lb. gorilla in the room or 2 ton elephant… EVERYONE is definitely talking about these sites. Nowadays, every other person that you run into is asking you to be their friend on Facebook. Just a few short years ago running your own blog was considered as rare as hen’s teeth! Now, everyone has a blog! Your Mom! Your Uncle Henry! Heck, even your grandpa has his own horticulture blog! I know that mine does! And why? Because absolutely everyone is realizing that these are EASY vehicles to get their message across to their niche audience. And the search engines EAT THIS UP like white on rice!

Social Media is a big part of the SEO show now!

So what is social media? Social media IS basically Facebook, Twitter and a blog! These all give you DIRECT communication to the RIGHT people who are searching for your valuable products or information! And who leads them to you? Well, their Google search of course! It might be words like pure soap or peanut brittle or point of sales systems! Social media and business are rapidly coming together! It is time to take your business on the web and get seen, get noticed, talk to your dissatisfied customers direct or listen for the next trend coming in your industry. Social media is happening right now and you need to get started on this before your competitors get TOO FAR AHEAD!

Using Social Media to Expose your products on the web

Social Engagement

Ok this seems obvious to everyone that the more fans / friends / followers you have on Facebook and Twitter and perhaps your blog directly, the more of a dent you can make into your wanted niche. Gathering friends and fans, pushing out your company’s ideas is what we do! It doesn’t happen overnight but it will have a long reaching impact for as long as Google continues to use these tools as a part of their ranking! And they do currently and will continue to utilize this!

Engagement is all about building trust with your fans / followers / friends. We can take on the aspect or ideals of your company and help to promote your brand. Obviously we will need to work with you and make sure we always know the best things to say for you. But generally, we will work with your company to achieve this presence.

New… but it’s still Internet Marketing

Is Google dying? Not any time soon for sure…. HOWEVER, the newest trend is exactly WHERE people are engaging the internet… is it from the Google home page? Or is it from the Facebook wall? Or is it from Twitter searches? Truth be told, Twitter and Facebook have caught up! THIS is why this is so important to internet marketing! We often tell clients that SEO is not about branding yourself anew… instead it is like a surfer paddling just in front of the RIGHT WAVE. Our goal is to find these KILLER WAVES and put you out there and in front of your WAVE, um, I mean audience!

The New Coke is not the old Coke… but it is still SEO

Ok here is the crux of this new paradigm.


Social Media is showing up on the first page of Google Search pages! THIS is what is so important! Until this started happening early last year, social media was only moderately important. You see Google made a massive shift in the importance of these sites and now sometimes shows IMMEDIATE Tweets related to your search terms RIGHT ON THE FIRST PAGE! I think I said that once already, but it bears repeating! Google now shows TWEETS on the first page of search! Ok, that is enough! 😀 Ok now the other part is that they are also showing Facebook business pages and the public part of personal pages on the first page as well! This is HUGE! This is why social media IS IMPORTANT for Internet Marketing now! This needs to be pro-actively done in a consistent fashion!

This is the part where we tell you all of the stuff that gets done!


•   Account setup if needed

•   4 Twitter messages per day during your prime time of sales or business hours

•   Following 10 niche leaders in your industry each day

•   4 retweets per day from Twitter Search based on your keywords

•   Custom Twitter background FREE! This might be your logo or brand imagery or anything inbetween

•   Twitter Weekly report


•   Business Facebook page setup if needed

•   Integration into blog and Twitter feed

•   4 unique status updates per day

•   Friend requests of up to 10 niche leaders daily

•   2 high quality links shared

•   Facebook business page Weekly report

Internal Blog

•   Fully optimized SEO Built blog site ON YOUR SITE with a plain template with your logo at the top! (If you want this custom designed this would be a completely separate charge.) Some folks make the mistake of using some external blog service like Blogger or but not us. You will get a high quality fully optimized for SEO internal blog added into your site at no extra cost! We will administer the site completely for you!

•   1 post daily

•   Posts are integrated out to Facebook and Twitter automatically

•   High quality posts may include text, videos, links or even audio

•   We’ll interact directly with any commenters to your site. (Obviously if this needs your personal attention we will send to you!)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you simply need to STOMP the competition! And in this case in the arena known as Social Media! You have to make the right call now. Is social media important? Or will it simply fall by the wayside? Don’t bet on it!

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