Microsoft Eclipses Yahoo In US Search!

The real story is that Yahoo has simply had a steady slide downwards. And Bing has barely increased. Plus, AT WHAT COST for Microsoft? Lots of $$$ spent with their online division and so far, they are in the red since Bing started… So basically this is really a story of Google continuing it’s dominance with a 65% market share since like forever… A non story really… Oh well guess it was a slow news day

How Does Google Make the Big Bucks?

Ever wondered how Google is FREE for us to use?!?! One word… ADWORDS! A few years ago, I did research for the keyword for new york real estate and the highest cost per click for the number one position was $22 as I recall with more than 4 million search for it monthly… crazy numbers… This is a great graphic detailing where Google makes it’s MOOLAH. Enjoy!

how google makes money

5 Reasons Google+ Is Not A Facebook Killer

I agree with this article…  Google Plus could more easily target Linked In than Facebook…  Facebook really has to STUMBLE in some major epic fail sort of way…  but I am really not seeing that happen, are you?


The single biggest problem that Google may be up against right now is that they’re fighting a battle from behind. While I anticipate very solid growth early on, once users realize that many of their friends haven’t moved over, rather than have to access yet another social media resource to communicate, they’ll slowly move back to just the one. The one where all their friends and contacts already are, where they can communicate in one location: Facebook.

via 5 Reasons Google+ Is Not A Facebook Killer – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

What SEO means in 2011…

So what DOES SEO stand for anyway? 5 years ago I’d EASILY tell you it stands for Search Engine Optimization… but not any more…  SEO NOW stands for internet marketing strategist as there is just WAY MORE going on now than 5 years ago. Google Search is constantly adding (and subtracting) new stuff, Facebook is now uber-important, and Google Plus is on the way. The below linked is a great article attesting to my feelings on this very topic.

Bing Hits Record Search Share, Google Stays Stable | Search Engine Journal

Are you  working on your Bing / Yahoo optimization?? You should!

That record high for Bing is 14.4 percent of market share – fairly impressive when you consider how young Bing is overall and that they only breached the 10 percent mark over the last year. This 14.4 percent market share combines with Yahoo’s 15.9 percent (about the same as Yahoo has held historically over the last couple years) to hit over 30 percent of the total market – up from about 20 percent last year and 25 percent at the end of 2010.

via Bing Hits Record Search Share, Google Stays Stable | Search Engine Journal.