Ditch Google, Bing for Unfiltered Search with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo doesn’t customize results to its users, so you’ll get a more diverse array of content types and perspectives, allowing you to altruistically see the myriad points of view offered by the web – or at least that’s the line DDG is going with.

This is great news as the big dogs of search are filtering more and more and more.  Overall, this is especially worrisome to me and reminds me of "GROUP THINK"…  if everyone thinks something is a good idea and gives it a plus 1 in Google then it will rise in the rankings…  I don’t recall wanting to get everybody ELSE’s opinion on search results…  search is NOT the FAMILY FEUD for Pete’s sake! I want to get a scientific search untarnished by public opinion / emotions.  I am starting to think that with Plus 1 and Facebook influencing search that Google’s rise is at its apex and will now start down the path of ancient Rome… DuckDuckGo: Ditch Google, Bing for Unfiltered Search – Search Engine Watch #SEW.

I’ve made the switch finally.  No longer use Google Apps fo eMail as I have previously discussed.  Instead, I am using Apple’s Mobile Me and forwarding email from my webhost to my me.com account.  And I have switched out Google as my primary search tool and gone to DuckDuckGo.com  See below!