How good is your ONLINE REPUTATION?! from Matt Cutts & Danny Sullivan

How good is your online reputation? This seems to be the MOST important part discussed in this latest Google Webmaster Help Video. If your customer service SUCKS, and people constantly complain about it all over the internet, then it factors into your possible ranking!  Don’t wait until it happens and then you have to scramble to fix it with online reputation repair! Get pro-active today and start building out your good reputation! Matt & Danny & ME all agree! 😀

YouTube – What are some search trends on your radar?.

Keywords in domain name – HUGE GOOGLE ALGORITHM CHANGE March 9 2011

WOW.  Ok so this is some major news from Google coming at the 2:23 mark… In it, Matt said that Google may be changing the algorithm to NOT make keywords in the domain names so important… WOW… this will be sending shockwaves out into the world for sure! Hopefully they will be doing this in micro amounts so there is not this JARRING change to the search results…  overall this is GREAT NEWS, so now CONTENT and LINKS IN will be much more important for SEO overall…

YouTube – How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?.