“Content Farming” Websites are dead! Yay!

YAY! This is GREAT NEWS! Google is finally making it even MORE important that ORIGINAL content will be KING! This is great news for the ORIGINAL publisher of original content online. No longer will people be able to copy WHOLESALE someone else’s content to their site and have it work. Methinks their rankings will fall quickly now. This also becomes important for article submissions as these will suddenly be less important. With this final nail in the proverbial webspam coffin, it will now be REALLY hard to TRICK Google! Yay!

Google has announced that it is fixing flaws in its algorithm that allows search results to be spammed, while also planning to weaken the search-ability of websites referred to as ”content farms.”

via Google Seeks to Weaken Search Engine Ranking of “Content Farming” Websites.

It might be time to say “DuckDuckGo”

As I have been harping about
Google becoming more and more evil over the last few years, I made
some changes last year. I am deleting and archiving all of my mail
off of Gmail to my local computers with plenty of backup. WHO KNOWS
WHAT Google might do with all of this email stored on their
servers?! I am going to slowly transition to Apple’s Mobile ME (as
it works so well with synching on all of our Apple devices), and
NOW I am looking at using duckduckgo.com for internet search. Check
it out! They don’t store ANY of your search queries! DuckDuckGo
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