Data and charts in Google Webmaster Tools!

Ok, so on the 15th of this week, I was doing an SEO teleconference screenshare with a client to conclude a two part SEO Clinic.  This day was all about link building (the previous day was a week earlier)… so imagine my surprise when I opened up Google Webmaster Tools to analyze their links in… a WHOLE NEW GUI for keywords!  I was taken aback briefly as I had to make heads or tails of what I was looking at LIVE in the conference! They took it in stride as I was scrambling a bit and explaining to them that when Google pushes out changes that there are NO notices or warnings… you just have to roll with it… I was a little surprised that there was no “Show the old interface” link any where to be found…  I eventually figured out what they were doing and I must say I really LIKE IT.  It is a merging of Google Webmaster Tools and a bit of Google Analytics.  The graphs and charts are nice, and finally showing the clients that their keywords will jump around a bit depending on blogging or different datacenters will influence this. Overall, hats off to Google for this big Google Webmaster Tools improvement!

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