Webmaster Tools – Fetch as Googlebot

NEW AT GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS!!! This is pretty neat and will help you detect errors OR like me, determine if I have done some redirects correctly for my clients’ websites or my own.  This is all generally about working in the .htaccess file in the root of your website. This is a really handy tool.  THANKS GOOGLE!

Fetch as Googlebot

With Fetch as Googlebot you can see exactly how a page appears to Google.

Type the URL to fetch or leave blank to fetch the homepage.

via Webmaster Tools – Fetch as Googlebot.

Google Base becomes Google Merchant!

All of you with Google Base accounts to help push your products out to Google Shopping product search (which is free by the way!) will notice a new change to the interface and a name change to Google Merchant Center which I feel is a much better name!  If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you’ll notice that it looks VERY familiar! 😀  This is a welcome change as the previous Google Base interface was very clunky and hard to find stuff.  The new site has a slick left column nav with easy controls to make it very easy to find everything you need for your feed(s) for your items or documents.  Check out the new site!