Contacts temporarily unavailable – Gmail Help

Gmail interface acting up today… the twittersphere is abuzz…

Contacts temporarily unavailable

Your contact list is temporarily unavailable, which may result in a few issues:

Auto-complete may not work

The contact manager may not load

Chat may not work

We’re working to fix the problem, and in the meantime, you should be able to continue to read and send mail as normal. Thank you for your patience.

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Google: Stop Suing Over The Keywords Tag, We Don’t Use It

I have been saying this for years… I just hope people start understanding that keywords in the source code don’t do squat.

“Our web search (the well-known search at that hundreds of millions of people use each day) disregards keyword metatags completely. They simply don’t have any effect in our search ranking at present.”

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Google, Apple iPhone and the FCC

Here is what Google really said to the FCC regarding the Google Voice App getting pulled from Apple’s iPhone App Store.

When we submitted our letter on August 21, we asked the FCC to redact certain portions that involved sensitive commercial conversations between two companies — namely, a description of e-mails, telephone conversations, and in-person meetings between executives at Google and Apple.

Shortly afterward, several individuals and organizations submitted Freedom of Information Act requests with the FCC seeking access to this information. While we could have asked the FCC to oppose those requests, in light of Apple’s decision to make its own letter fully public and in the interest of transparency, we decided to drop our request for confidentiality. Today the FCC posted the full content of our letter to their website (PDF).

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Facebook Lite is Being Tested in India

Interesting. To me, Facebook is already wicked fast… how much faster does it need to be for people?

We are currently testing a simplified alternative to that loads a specific set of features quickly and efficiently. Similar to the Facebook experience you get on your mobile phones, Facebook “Lite” is a fast-loading, simplified version of Facebook that enables people to make comments, accept Friend requests, write on people’s Walls, and look at photos and Status updates. We are currently testing Facebook Lite in countries where we are seeing lots of new users coming to Facebook for the first time and are looking to start off with a more simple experience.

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JohnsonDiversey: migrating 12,000+ users from Lotus Notes/ Domino to Google Apps in 48 hours

As Chevy Chase once said… “this is crazy… this is crazy…” before he hopped into a pool with Christie Brinkley in Vacation… impossible things only sound crazy… kind of like this story… but I have done similar things to this but in a much smaller scale as I only work with small businesses… but switching over 40 email accounts to google apps at once sounds a little scary but simply works beautifully if you dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s correctly with a checklist before hand… I highly recommend all of my clients get on the Google Apps for their domain email system.  You will be happy you did!

As we delved deeper into our migration planning and learned from our early adopters, we realized that we would be better off using a big bang approach. One major reason is that getting everyone onto a single system faster reduces the largest pain of having co-existence of two systems for any amount of time.

via Official Google Enterprise Blog: JohnsonDiversey: migrating 12,000+ users from Lotus Notes/ Domino to Google Apps in 48 hours.

Google acquires reCAPTCHA

The image above is a CAPTCHA — you can read it, but computers have a harder time interpreting the letters. We tried to make it hard for computers to recognize because we wanted to give humans the scoop first, but we’re happy to announce to everybody now that Google has acquired reCAPTCHA, a company that provides CAPTCHAs to help protect more than 100,000 websites from spam and fraud.

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orkut Blog: Talk face-to-face with your friends with video chat in orkut

Ok, so I actually don’t know ANYBODY AT ALL that uses ORKUT, I personally hate the name, but as a dutiful Google watcher, I will post this link… it is kinda cool that it now allows for direct video chat with your friends right through the Orkut interface…  I just hope this is included in the GOOGLE WAVE when it is released soon(ishly)…

orkut Blog: Talk face-to-face with your friends with video chat in orkut.