Google Voice – Forwarding phone numbers

THIS is exactly why Google Voice is so powerful!  There ARE some other reasons, but this is a big deal methinks!

Once you link your cell phone, home phone, and perhaps your work phone, you’ll be able to control which devices ring based on who is calling your Google number. You can assign certain callers to ring your cell or your work phone (or both), and can forward some calls straight to voicemail or directly to the spam folder.

via Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for Newbies: Forwarding phone numbers.

Tribune Company SEO

This is a great article on the power of SEO for a rather LARGE Newspaper company. Their traffic has skyrocketed using basic methods of  not including pronouns, and using lots of link juice power from their monster sites. Basic stuff that I tutor all of my clients.

(he) said to them that although it may not be perfect for you guys journalistically to put a full proper noun in a headline, it makes a huge difference to the number of people who read your quality content

via Brent D. Payne Interview | Tribune Company SEO.

Google Responds to Google Voice Dropped Call Issue, Deploys Fix – Google Voice – Gizmodo

Looks like Google has already went and fixed this for everyone using the super cool Google Voice. I have only had one issue in the last 2 months where I tried to set up an easy 3 way teleconference and someone that works for me couldn’t get connected in.  I think that has already been cleared up as well… what do people expect when things are still in BETA?!?

Were you one of the unlucky ones getting booted from your Google Voice phone calls this week

via Google Responds to Google Voice Dropped Call Issue, Deploys Fix – Google Voice – Gizmodo.

AppleInsider | New Apple tablet rumor: Larger form factor running Mac OS X

Oh man I just so totally want one of these… don’t really need one  but man I just WANT one of these 😀  OR I’ll wait like we did for the iPhone and get the 2nd Gen version… but boy I think these are going to be full blazing fast computers!

Here is an image:

Apple iPad Tablet rendering

Citing a “100 percent reliable” source, a new report alleges that Apple has fully working prototypes of 13-inch and 15-inch touchscreen tablets, with one model running Mac OS X.

via AppleInsider | New Apple tablet rumor: Larger form factor running Mac OS X.

Snow Leopard Compatibility App List

To all fellow Apple Users, here is a list I highly recommend you peruse before upgrading to Snow Leopard… I know I’ll be waiting a bit before grabbing a hold of the 64bit power!

Below is a list of applications and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple. Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Note: due to abuses, registration is now required to edit the list. Thanks for your cooperation.

via Snow Leopard Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List.

SEO9oneone – Web Development / Design, SEO, Hosting and More!

Just made a major change to the home site. Man I love accordions! Feel free to click away on the home page! BTW, the home page is still a part of WordPress. It doesn’t look like it but I added in several programming hooks in the code to take the sidebars out when it was on the home page. Pretty nice  I think. and I still have my cool little robot that has now been stolen several hundred billion times over… oh well…

SEO9oneone – Web Development / Design, SEO, Hosting and More!.

Search Engine Market Share July 2009

Here is the latest data for the search engine market share.  Should be interesting to see what will happen with bing-yahoo over the next few months and if Microsoft will continue to pour money into TV ads if their market share does not increase much more… time will tell…

July 2009 Search Engine Market Share
July 2009 Search Engine Market Share