Google News is using Google Website Optimizer

Ok, Google news will probably MASSIVELY change its look in a month or less. How do I know? Well, the Google News Blog just announced they are going to be running tests on its look. Picasa was the first Google Product taken through this test as a beta, and they amazingly found out that a picture upload app, did MUCH better without a picture on its home page! I expect MASSIVE changes folks… and I bet EVERYONE will be surprised with the outcome… perhaps it will look like the Drudge Report!

Google NOW officially looks at how fast your site loads…

Okay, folks this was quietly announced back in March as I recall, but the speed at which your website loads is NOW a factor in your quality score if you are using AdWords. Faster the loading time, the better quality score, the cheaper your bid. All linked, so when I first heard this, I realized WHOA, Google is REALLY paying attention to this, and if they are paying attention to it for AdWords, its suddenly a more important factor in organic search as well. And this makes sense too as this is a component in Google Webmaster Tools. There is a graph shown in the tools page which shows you how fast your site loads up… I think that has been there since last fall… if your host has slow loading times, it may be time for an upgrade to a faster web host!

Firefox 3 and Google Earth plugin

Am hearing from some clients that the Google Earth plugin is NOT, I repeat NOT working with Firefox 3 on Windows… doesn’t work at all for all of us on Macs, but that is another issue… So if you LOVE LOVE LOVE the GE plugin, then I’d wait a few weeks for Google to get this working properly.

“Don’t Use Google Analytics And Zen Cart If…”

One of my favorite Zen Cart mods – Google Analytics for Zen Cart is the absolute best solution for tagging all of your pages easily and rapidly. If you have an estore, be sure to go the full route and make sure the success page gets the correct tagging to send back to GA and link in to your ecommerce stats… this is vital folks! This allows you to be able to directly exactly which keywords generate how much MONEY! Once this is known, Zen Cart optimization is a cake walk!

“Does more traffic mean more $$$? Usually, yes.”

You better believe that it does!

The goal that I have for our clients is for them to become more profitable. I basically gear their entire website to say to Google, “HEY, Look at me! I have some solutions that people are looking for!” Once they visit, then we have to say, hey look at this solution or this solution or hey, even this one! Online marketing is a science and art mixture between search engine marketing and actual users browsing your website. Anybody can set up a website, but the key is measuring what really works and what doesn’t work and then making tweaks to the site to get more people doing what you want them to do! Phone calls, purchasing, etc.

Content is content is content is content…

How often do we run into people who have spent a considerable amount of money on their website to “look good” yet can’t be found on Google? It seems practically every day. Maybe it is that people simply don’t like to write or don’t want to write any more. People seem to have forgotten why people visit web pages in the first place! The last time I checked, a heavy amount of internet users are literate and read much more than the average non-internet user. So what has happened to the content? Where is there any written text on these new fangled web pages? If there are no words, how can Google find you?!?!? Google doesn’t have eyes and can’t directly “see” a photo. at least not yet. but this should be decades away… I think… People please write more information on your websites! Be creative and be found!