There are Secrets of Search for Google?

It is very important to have the right keywords when you setup your website as keywords are what people type into the Google search box to find your page. But that is not the whole story of how Google works. You see, your site’s content (what I am typing on the page right now) has to be consistent to your keywords which will thus make its relevancy high to Google (or any of the search engines as they all work basically the same).Now regarding the number of pages on your site, I’d have to say the more the better! But just so long as EACH page all have good content and high relevancy to their individual keywords and these have to be different on EACH page people! Don’t forget that!

Let’s also don’t forget to have updated software to put together your html code (in the old days I’d write the code by hand in a text editor!) so that it is up to the current standards and doesn’t cause errors. These errors will affect your standings in the search as well! I’ve seen some pages with hundreds of errors that need to be cleaned up first before I can do anything else! Or people are still using flash as their main page or even worse are still using frames anywhere on their site!

Good website design should include search engine optimization from day one, otherwise you have to work much harder to fix it later on!Now, the next part of this whole SEO thing is that there is a large amount of work to be done but not on your website! That’s right, this is all kinda behind the scenes but very very important. You see, there is a major competition waging online for top placement on search and it all comes down to popularity! Yes, just like high school, popularity reigns supreme in search in the way of how many people are linking directly to your site and to your individual pages.

Just like school, if you aren’t popular, you are invisible. There are many ways to boost this: from blogging to writing and submitting articles to affiliate linking. All of these will give you valuable links back to your site.Now there are some people who think that can go around everything I just explained and simply do pay per click, adsense, adwords, etc. and get by, but what they don’t understand is that if your website makes no sense, people may still visit, but they sure won’t buy from your ecommerce store or call you for more information! Instead these methods should be used in conjunction with a well designed site and/or with short term specials or sales or events you are putting on. Just as if you had a real store out in the real world!