“Is Content Still King?”

Google, the world’s wealthiest media company puts a great deal of importance on webpage content. The importance of good content is one of the keys to page ranking. Updating your content once a week or once a month is important to keep the page fresh. The more a search engine detects change in your website, the more it will consider it relevant and important hence, it will help the page to go up in the rankings. Spelling and grammar are also very important. With spell check andgrammar check available in the most basic systems there is really noexcuse for a poorly structured page. I can’t tell you how many times I have read articles, adds and webpage content with bad spelling and poor grammar that just puts me off. Regardless of how good the information is, if it is flawed by mistakes, it loses credibility. Paragraphs must be primarily brief meaning, 1 to 4 sentences. If areader sees along paragraph, they may be deterred from reading it.Lists with bullets or numbered can form a large part of the text. Sentence length should be kept to 10 or fewer words and medium to longsentences, if used, should be spread throughout the text. Buzz words ortechnical terms, although they may make you feel superior to your reader, may confuse and discourage the reader from reading on. Remember, you should write your content as if you were writing for a ten year old. Most important of all, contextual relevance must include your keywords as well as variations of them. Don’t ever lose sight of the quality of the content. This will keep your visitors coming back.