Website design, search engine optimized from day one. Okay, this is not so obvious to most people but it is far easier to design a website from the ground up while thinking about how the search engines will see it than it is to repair an invisible site. This is important especially if you don’t have much content and you have already made like a template for each page to be kinda short in length. A shallow web-page like this is a big mistake. Also, to maximize the use of bolding, italics and underlining as well as alternate text for images, is extremely important as this will directly affect the design or “look” for your website. I have even seen some invisible sites that were absolutely beautiful but had absolutely NO CONTENT. Why? Oh, because all of the text was embedded into images on the pages making it impossible for this company to be able to make changes later on. And boy were they mad when they found out about this! This website was going to have to be redesigned from scratch for them!Remember that the content design of a website should be changeable to reflect the inherent changes that occur in the algorithms of the search engines themselves! Don’t become a static brochure page then wonder why it is invisible!

Here are a few samples of graphical designs:

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