SEO Business Principles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Twitter, Google, ‘Blogs, Orkut and Facebook might all sound like Greek to you, but this is what we live and breathe! “To Google or NOT to Google” is no longer the question… it is where all of the answers lie! And you’ll want your website to be found and providing answers too!
Every business needs a plan or a strategy that maps outs how to engage your clients / customers right here on the internet and gets them to buy your widget / service. Consider it a business plan for the internet as an important part of your business now because everyone uses it to find your products / services.
The first thing your clients see is your WEBSITE! Your website needs to be captivating and not “cookie-cutter” so as to look and be unique and professional enough to enthrall your clients / customers. SEO9oneone has clients all over the United States because we do the job right AND we all speak English ’cause we are all right here in the US as well!!