Tom Reitz
President: SEO9oneone, Inc.

Been working on computers since I was 9… 1979… ancient days… was in a few gifted and talented programs during the summer including one at the US Naval Academy one summer! I still remember using LOGO on those old Apple computers in their lab!
The next summer, I can recall learning other various programs. A few years later, after having a Pennysaver paper route, I had saved enough money to buy my first computer and boy was I proud! I got a brand new Atari 400XL Computer… All I remember were lots of cartridges… whew… can’t imagine how little the memory capacity was. At some point in the next 2 years, I had saved up some more money… to buy another NEW computer, it was another ATARI. This time it was an 800XL with actual keys like a keyboard… WOW. And I bought a disk drive AND a dot matrix printer! Boy was I ever ready for school!
Throughout high school, I took all of the computer courses that I could, learning Fortran, Pascal, C, etc… I loved this stuff. What a geek I was… AM…In college at Purdue University… go Boilermakers!…I studied computer science. Loved learning all about the compilers and UNIX! WOW, that took forever to do that… The neatest programming language I learned was LISP – lots of insipid silly parentheses as I recall, and this turned out to be a robotics programming language! I hear this is still taught in schools to this day…A few years later, I heard about a neat little operating system called Windows… and that was all she wrote, I went out and bought a Packard Bell, and got my Windows 3.1.1 cranking… Wow, really fascinating… but at the time I was primarily building my business and learning and utilizing everything I could regarding marketing techniques and technology.
Fast forward a few years and I had a very successful company marketing fitness equipment all throughout the Caribbean, when computers started calling me again. It seemed that my brother-in-law had gotten into working with his father and they needed help… Tom to the rescue… I started working with them and repairing servers and building websites and reprogramming various document management systems they were affiliated with, when they had wanted to start advertising online.
This was when everything clicked for me. As I had been an ardent student of Google since their inception, thanks to my older brother who told me to pay attention to them! I was able to easily navigate their website into top rankings, and then others started calling as well…So here I am now, full circle, so to speak, back to working exclusively on Apple computers, now virtually with almost all of my clients throughout the US using all of the things I had studied as hobbies to help build my own business to help others be as successful as I have been.
Re-reading this section, I realize that I have left out a LOT of business and marketing info… I’ll update this later or you could call me, and I could fill you in on the details.