Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses

So THIS is how Skynet collects all of the computer data about us?! WOW. Even I am personally REALLY REALLY SHOCKED by this revelation about Google collecting MAC addresses of routers while taking photos… there should really be something done about this… not sure by whom… just don’t like it… where is John Connor when we need him?

Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses • The Register.

FaceBook Like! You know its Like… you know…

It’s LIKE you know LIKE the new Facebook Become a Fan button… that is what it is LIKE!  That is exactly what it is LIKE! 😀 This will be rolling out all over the web very soon. Should Google be scared after Google Buzz fizzled? Perhaps. Should Facebook users re-check all of the privacy settings?!  ummm… that would be a BIG YES! I haven’t looked in details but I’d HAVE TO IMAGINE some bigs things changed in there with this, you know, like, big LIKE campaign rolling out from Facebook. Stay tuned!

Facebook | Connect with your friends on your favorite websites.

Data and charts in Google Webmaster Tools!

Ok, so on the 15th of this week, I was doing an SEO teleconference screenshare with a client to conclude a two part SEO Clinic.  This day was all about link building (the previous day was a week earlier)… so imagine my surprise when I opened up Google Webmaster Tools to analyze their links in… a WHOLE NEW GUI for keywords!  I was taken aback briefly as I had to make heads or tails of what I was looking at LIVE in the conference! They took it in stride as I was scrambling a bit and explaining to them that when Google pushes out changes that there are NO notices or warnings… you just have to roll with it… I was a little surprised that there was no “Show the old interface” link any where to be found…  I eventually figured out what they were doing and I must say I really LIKE IT.  It is a merging of Google Webmaster Tools and a bit of Google Analytics.  The graphs and charts are nice, and finally showing the clients that their keywords will jump around a bit depending on blogging or different datacenters will influence this. Overall, hats off to Google for this big Google Webmaster Tools improvement!

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: More data and charts in Top Search Queries.