Chat Room Re-Launch

Ok, after some time away from Chat, I decided to give it another go and give clients direct communications with me and our team. After searching HIGH AND LOW, I finally found a good and stable script for chatting that works direct with MySQL. What I found before were flat files which I hated working with, and the one previous to that was all in Flash, which, while it looked pretty, was, of course, FLASH, which I generally hate.  You can get to it directly at  or out of the information drop down – it is called Chat Room.  Below is a screenshot of the chat room in action.  See you in there!


Zen Cart Directory Security Update

Zen Cart

Hey folks. Just got word from the Zen Cart development team today and they are highly recommending removing several directories after you install your site! These directories are all in the root of the store. They include: /docs and /extras and OF COURSE /zc_install !!! In the past I had recommended simply just renaming these directories, BUT now due to some hacks that are occurring, it is better recommended to download these to your local computer then DELETE them from the root folder.

Also, if you are like most people and you don’t plan on offering digital downloads then you should ALSO delete: /download, /media and /pub

Full details are here at the zencart forum: November 28th Security Update for Zen Cart

PHP 5.3 Support – Zen Cart Support

The below comes from the man, the myth… Dr. Byte himself!

PHP 5.3 was released a few months ago, and along with it come many problems due to the PHP authors’ decisions to backport many PHP 6 features into 5.3 and deprecate several oft-required functions.

In so doing, they broke many things affecting Zen Cart operation in v1.3.8a and older.

We are preparing a patch which can be used by those whose hosts have upgraded (or have announced imminent plans to upgrade) to PHP 5.3.

We hope to post the patch here very soon. It’s in regression testing now.

When the patch is ready it will be announced here in the Announcements area.

via PHP 5.3 Support – Zen Cart Support.