Ain’t it CUIL

A screenshot of the new search engine
A New COOL Search Engine has hit the internet! This might be really good folks. It is located at and is pronounced “COOL”. It was invented by former Google engineers and a guy from an old and (used to be) GOOD search engine called Alta Vista which was purchased by Overture who was then bought by Yahoo… Anyways, looks to be very promising, will be keeping a lookout on it and will report back on it when I see something amazing about it. Right now, I do like its search results pages showing 11 results at a time in a 2 or 3 column format. And I see that some site logos are being pulled onto each section as well. Not sure how they are doing that but I like it. The interface is very fast… reminds of me of all of the cool web apps from Anyways, check it out folks and let me hear your feedback. Will it finally be the DAVID to defeat the Goliath GOOGLE?! Time will tell.