Are you in the KNOL?

Okay folks… this one is not just big… it is BIGNORMOUS! Google will be coming out with a Wikipedia killer called KNOL – short for knowledge. This one is going to really drive Wikipedia into an early grave… Be on the lookout for KNOL coming in the next year!

Google Now Crawls Dropdowns and Forms

Whoa, this is cool, this means Google is going to get a LOT smarter and find all kinds of interesting bits of websites buried behind poorly linked pages… This is not rolled out completely, but I have to imagine that it will be rolling out in a large fashion within 6 months or so… we’ll all have to hold our breath and see how this affects rankings…

Digital Scarlet Letter

When you Google your own name… do you NOT like what you see? Do you need consulting on this? I can help. Sometimes it may be easy, and sometimes it can be hard. Really depends. I have successfully taken clients’ names and driven multiple sites to the #1 – #10 ranking in Google and Yahoo.

“The Grid is COMING!”

WOW. Here comes really high speed internet folks! Check out this article about the GRID and how it will impact our daily life and the internet… This makes high speed feel like 14.4 baud modem speeds… actually the ratio is even greater than this cause this is true parallel cloud internet connections… literally dumbfounding when you thing about it… an entire 2 hour movie will download in 2 seconds!!! Whoa! Be on the lookout for the “GRID”over the next few years…