Pay-per-Action is out of BETA

Google also just announced today that the Pay-per-action Adwords BETA is now no longer out of BETA, in fact it will soon be… GONE?!?  Guess nobody saw the power of it that they wouldn’t have to pay Google until AFTER somebody actually did something on your site like signup for a newsletter OR better yet, actually purchased a product!  This was really powerful… so what this really means, is that it is going to lead to some even bigger and powerful news regarding their acquisition of DOUBLECLICK no doubt… stay tuned folks…

Ok it is official, FLASH can be indexed and optimized

At last, FLASH is now visible to the all powerful Google. Been looking at this for a few months with some oddities appearing at the top of search that were flash files, now if only people with flash based sites would actually ADD more content then they might be in luck. There are many more little issues regarding this that a Flash programmer would want to know about. But, as you all know, I am NOT a FLASH person anyway, so it is not a big deal to me, but now I can at least instruct others on how to SEO their FLASH programming

Did you even read a book last year?

Wow. This is a really great article. Are kids reading any more? AT ALL? Looks like the answer is NO. This is bad for the future of world… Nobody believes me when I tell them how many books I’ve read. For a span of about 14 years, I checked out 15 books every 2 weeks like clockwork, and read most all of these. Yes, I read fast and like any skill, I started reading faster and faster over the years. My mom heavily influenced me on this as she always had a book she was reading while I was growing up. When my grandfather (my mom’s dad) died, he had 20,000 books in his house and he had read all of these! Most of these books were donated to start a local library near D.C. Maybe it is in my genes, but I love to read!



Ok, this is not related to SEO or anything, but I just thought it was really cool. The bad guys are in for it now with the advent of the Intellipedia. This allows for active and secure sharing of intelligence through the internet on all of the baddies out there. Let’s hope this works and stays secure and protects us better for the future of the world!

The continuing move to online advertising

Knowing where your money goes and HOW well it works is the continuing move for businesses. Why put your money in the newspaper if you can put the same into Google Adwords or in building links to your site where you can KNOW how well it works! Newspapers are continuing their dramatic fall in revenue due to this. My clients are just amazed when we pull up Google Analytics together and I walk them through just exactly what is WORKING for driving traffic / sales and what is not… it is always highly instructive. I NEVER claim to KNOW what will work best, BUT I DO claim to be able to find out! People will NOT continue throwing their marketing dollars away when they find a better way!


This is not unexpected. Even with the most recent revamp of MYSPACE, I think it is too little too late. FACEBOOK saw 9 million more visitors in MAY 2008 than MYSPACE. Why is this important? Well… to keep it really simple… YOU need to get a page on FACEBOOK! Like me! Nothing fancy… nothing exotic… just get it on there and start interacting and networking and finding new and old friends! Here is the article from Financial Times talking about FACEBOOK.